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How to Spell College is a practical and supportive guide for college students by college students.

Our mission is simple: to guide, inspire, and empower you through all the stages and aspects of college, whether it’s choosing, applying, living, socializing, or—of course—learning (*cough* that’s what college is for, right?).

As current and past students, we’ve “been there, done that.” And while we invite you to explore college on your own and learn from your own inevitable mistakes, we believe our articles, insights, and secrets will save you time, money, and headaches and reward you with a better academic, social, and overall college experience.

While this is not a regularly updated blog, many of the old articles are always relevant. Even though we have only a few posts, we also have had over 50,000 visitors ever since our launch. Visitors keep coming back to the same posts for reference. Explore our articles a bit and find out why thousands of students and parents keep coming back for more. =)

{ Disclaimer }

Although sometimes the articles mention specific things from specific colleges, this blog is NOT affiliated with the colleges. We may be students or alumni at those schools, but this site is run independently, which also means we can always publish material that the big companies would find too controversial. Remember, we are actual college students or recent alumni still in touch with college culture.

{ About The Authors }


Editor-in-Chief: Nathan Chow started this blog because he wishes he had a guide like this when he was a freshman. He graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication in 2009 with a major in film and television, a minor in psychology, and backgrounds in education and philosophy.

A New Jerseyan stickin’ around in Boston, he’s also a teacher, counselor, writer, entertainer, juggler, and food enthusiast. In his free time, he likes to eat, eat, eat, and attempt to cook. He can be found on his website and can be reached at

His advice in a nutshell: “Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to learn. Grow in every way you’ve ever wanted to grow. Change in every way you’ve ever wanted to change. Have fun in every way you’ve ever wanted to have fun. Your college experience ends in four short years, so take advantage of it today.”

Foreign Correspondent: Sima Kalmens

News Correspondent: Yue Huang

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We are also pleased to give free personal consultation. If you think we’re fit to answer your question or validate your concern, email us at and we’ll get back to you with an individualized response! Thank you for trusting us.

(You might prompt us to write a public article about your concern so others may benefit from our advice too, but anything related to your identity will be kept private unless you give us written permission to publish such info.)

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